Learn More... AVP Sequencing Creator


Learn more about creating, exporting, uploading, using and personalising topic files within AVP Sequencing Creator
by either viewing the videos below or following the step by step guide at the foot of the page:



The Creator: An Introduction

Tutors and lecturers can create and share, for free, topic files with their pupils or students.


Creating a Topic File

Topic files are created in the AVP Sequencing Creator.


Exporting a Topic File

Exported topic files can be attached to an email or saved on a USB or shared drive.


Uploading aTopic File

Topic file are uploded into the AVP Sequencing Software.


Using a Topic File

Learners can use topic files to learn or revise the steps in the sequence in the topic file.


Personalising a Topic File

The topic files can be personalised for the needs of different learners.



Step by Step Guide: