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Learn more about using the AVP Sequencing Software by either viewing the videos below or following the step by step
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The Software: An Introduction

A software that aids learning, revision and memory through repetitive, interactive learning.


Creating a User

30 users can be created in the AVP Sequencing Software.


Creating a Topic with Steps in a Sequence

20 steps in text or images can be created in each topic.


Setting Background Colour and Text Preferences

Users can select from a range of background colours, text colours, fonts and font sizes.


Selecting a Topic in an Activity

A topic is created once and it can be played in any of the six activities.


The 6 Activities

There are 6 activities within the AVP Sequencing Software are designed on the principles of repetition and overlearning.


Tracking Progress

The progress of 30 learners are tracked withing 3 activities.


Monitoring Users

The lecturer or tutor can monitor the progress of all 30 learners.



MyMods can add additional topic space to the 30 topic spaces already within the AVP Sequencing Software.



Modules allow the user to add prewritten steps in sequences to the AVP Sequencing Software.


Topic Files

Topic files written by the user's lecturer or tutor can be uploaded to the AVP Sequencing Software.



Step by Step Guide: